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Getting involved with your community is easy

MyCity Salford is a community hub owned and maintained by everyone in the neighbourhood. It's the place for residents, businesses, organisations, groups and the council to interact, collaborate and share - making Salford a better place for all.

Become a part of the community today and start making a difference where you live.

Sign up as an individual or a business

Joining the community is simple. SIGN UP here with your email address, Facebook or Twitter, and create your own personal account.

Select your neighbourhood and your preferences and then get involved in any of the ways below!

Say hello and join the conversation on the forum

Once you're registered, you can start posting and commenting. Introduce yourself in the forum and connect with others in your neighbourhood.

Share your thoughts, post your suggestions and ask for help and advice on any local issue.

Find clubs with similar interests, or set up your own groups

Connect with a huge range of local clubs and neighbourhood centres, search for information on organisations or businesses, and join in with the activities and hobbies you love.

MyCity Salford has all kinds of opportunities to get involved, and if there's something you want to do but can't find, then create your own group and ask like-minded people in the community to join you.

Check out local events and post your own

Find out what's going on in your area and keep up to date on the latest events and news stories. All the information you'll need is right here.

Got an upcoming event or activity you want to tell the community about? Head to the events page, upload the details and post it here so everyone can join you.

Sell, share or give anything you don't need

If you've got any unwanted items you want to get rid of, the Sell, Share, Give marketplace is where to go. Upload your post and let others in the community pick up a bargain. It's a great place for giving away items too or donating your time to others who could benefit from it.

You can even swap your skills here, offering your services and expertise or requesting the help of others.

For even more discounts and money saving opportunities, shop local with lots of special offers from businesses and shops in your neighbourhood.


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