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Swinton North

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National HIV Testing Week
Did you know?

One in eight people don’t know they have HIV
Early diagnosis and treatment = normal life expectancy
Treatment and management can mean someone with HIV cannot pass it on
Late diagnosis leads to a tenfold increased risk of death within one year
Last year 43% of people were diagnosed late
National Testing Week starts on 17 November – a fingerprick test is all it takes – help promote testing sites around Greater Manchester ( ) or free home test kits are available ( ).
We will then be recognising the thirtieth World Aids Day on 1 December. We will have a roll-up banner, red ribbons and a collecting tin in Salford Civic Centre reception from 26 November. Come and show your support for people living with HIV. Find out what’s happening in Greater Manchester, including a vigil in Manchester.
What else can I do?
Encourage condom use as the only way to protect against STIs
Order and use posters and resources in your setting
Organise or promote testing in your community – contact PaSH (Passionate about Sexual Health) who provide free HIV prevention, testing and support in Greater Manchester to communities at risk -

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