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About MCS

MyCity Salford is your community hub.

MyCity Salford is a community platform for you and your area. From local businesses and organisations to individual residents and the city council, it is a place for everyone to come together, take action, and make a difference in your neighbourhood, your village and your city.

It's owned and maintained by the community, a public space where anyone living in Salford can have their say on local issues, collaborate with those who share their interests and passions, and find out more about local events and activities.

With direct input from Salford City Council and other prominent stakeholders in the community, MyCity Salford provides easy access to essential services and information, gives businesses, groups and individuals the chance to interact over the topics that matter, and helps residents make improvements in their local area.

Connecting like minded people

The Forum on MyCity Salford is accessible by all, providing an opportunity for residents to connect with others in their neighbourhood and for organisations to reach out to the local community

It's a place for individuals to share their passions with others who feel the same way, for groups to find new like-minded members, and for residents to ask for information and advice from those with expertise or experience.

Promoting events and activities

If it's taking place in the local area, MyCity Salford will have all the details you need. From street parties and school bake sales to national fundraising events and global performances, you'll find a wealth of information on events and activities of all types, right across Salford.

The community hub is a platform for individuals, groups and businesses to promote their own events and activities too, providing opportunities to encourage involvement, drum up support and work together to positively impact the city and its neighbourhoods.

Raising awareness and interest

One of core features of MyCity Salford is community collaboration. It provides a single place for special interest groups of all shapes and sizes to get together and interact with one another, raising awareness, promoting new ideas and making suggestions for the future.

However you like to spend your time, MyCity Salford will help connect you with those in the community who share your hobbies and interests. Create new groups and clubs, advertise exciting opportunities, and find out how to raise finance and support for inspirational community endeavours.

Providing help and support

Most importantly, MyCity Salford is a safe, secure place to find out about the variety of services available in the local community, matching the needs of residents and businesses with organisations and groups that are well equipped to offer help, advice and support. It also provides an opportunity for volunteers to sign up and give back, helping local people from all walks of life.

Groups and individuals can share their experience and their guidance to help others in similar situations, and residents will find a wealth of information on all the essential services offered by both the council and other organisations operating in the area. Council updates, announcements and advice can also be found here, along with the opportunity to feedback on proposals and programmes.

This is your community. MyCity Salford helps you become a part of it. Sign up today.


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